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my name is evie.

I’m a visual artist, wife and mom of two living in Texas. I don’t own a cowboy hat but I do say “ya’ll” quite often. I spend most of my days chasing after my two children, washing paint off my hands, dancing in the rain and laughing so hard my cheeks hurt.

When I was a kid I wanted to be just like my dad. When he went running, I ran with him. When he drew, I was right next to him learning all about perspective. I followed his footsteps into the great world of graphic design almost 20 years ago. I mastered branding, design, page layout. packaging, and photo art direction. However, when I turned 40 my heart was calling me to follow a different path. So here I am.

I create custom child portraits and pet portraits, sell prints (available soon), execute freelance illustration projects for the children’s market and so much more. Someday, I hope to illustrate a children’s book, mentor, inspire and teach.

My main goal is to spread happiness through my art, help children with cancer, children with CF, adopted children and children with hearing loss.

For freelance inquiries, custom portraits or collaborations, contact me at